Do I need a lawyer?

Although it is not a legal requirement, Antalyabuy advises all of our clients to use a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey. We have many trusted connections with experienced lawyers. A lawyer’s fee will be in the region of €1,000 but it could well be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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Get end to end assistance in buying a property

We know buying a property can be a nightmare given the paperwork involved, that's why Antalyabuy Buyer Assist Plan makes it easy for you

The lawyer prepares a report with advice on the property you have chosen.

The lawyer will be present when the contract between the company and the client is signed.

The lawyer will be present in the office of Tapu ! and check all the details of the transaction.

The lawyer checks the TAPU i , the iskan (housing certificate) and if the property is free from a bank mortgage.
(Note: These services are applicable to one property only).

Protect your investment from any legal issues

Property Verification is the first step before you finalize the deal to find out any legal issues

Property Title Check

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Why do you need Property Title Check?

  • To verify there are no issues with respect to ownership transfers, partitions, conversions, mutations etc.
  • To verify if the land on which the property is being or been built has been procured legally
  • To verify Occupancy Certificate- if the property has been constructed in compliance with the provided permissions.
  • And other legal checks so the property is legally safe to buy.