Help: How to Signup as an Agent

In this tutorial we will show you how to an agent can signup at

Step - 01

logon to website and click on "Sign in". After that click on "Sign up".

Step - 02

Enter required basic account information in this form & select "Account Type" as "Agent" from drop dwn menu. We will suggest you here to note-down your username and Password on a paper. Read-out Terms & condition and Check the box, click on "Next".


Step - 03

In this step please fill-out some personal information to build your prifile page. When you done click on "Next" tab.


Step - 04

An confirmation link email sent to your registered email account. Please check your email inbox.


Step - 05

Email will look like above image. If you had not recevied any email in your inbox please try to check also your "Junk" or "Spam" folder as well.


Step - 06

There is a link in that email, click on this link.


Step - 07

You had sucessfully confirmed you email address & account as well. Now you have to login via your user credentials. Follow the link as shown in above image.


Step - 08

Supply your user credential that you had notted few steps before and click on sign in.



In mean while you will also get an email by our system that will let you know that your account has been confirmed



When you open that email you can also view your username & password showing there.


That's All... You had successfully created your agent account on . Enjoy the lovely Dashboard.

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