Help: Live Chat - How to Create Tickets

Solve every support case with Livechat ticketing system. Tickets help you handle complex cases that can’t be resolved during a chat. They’re all kept in one place, so no question stays unanswered.
When an issue is too difficult to solve on chat, agents can create a ticket while talking to a customer.

Important Note:
When agents are offline, your customers can leave you messages in the chat widget. These messages are saved as tickets so agents can reply when they are back online.

Agent Side Demonstration

During chat session, when agent needs to place any ticket, click on the three dots icon “…” in the top right corner. Click on Create ticket.
Yes, agents can also do it in Archives after the conversation is finished.

Agent Side Demonstration

Provide a title of the ticket and visitor's e-mail address which they had already provided in the pre-chat survey. Click on Create Ticket tab.

Visitor Side Demonstration

An email will be sent to the given email address of visitor, including ticket code and all the chat transcript.

Agent Side Demonstration

Now to take further actions on the issued ticket, agents needs to go to Tickets tab.

Agent Side Demonstration

By default you will see all the Unassigned Tickets first.

Agent Side Demonstration

Select the ticket and you will see several option visible on your screen. Assign tags to tickets to quickly identify them later on. With additional context, you can group them to spot trends or find out what the common customer issues are.
When a lot of people handle tickets, it's easy to lose track of what needs to be done. Ticket statuses help prioritize work in your team.

  • Open: Cases that await action from the agent.
  • Pending: Cases that await a response from the customer.
  • Solved tickets: Cases that are completed.
  • Spam: A category reserved for malicious or otherwise unnecessary tickets.

Select teh option when the issue has been justified.


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