Help: Live Chat - Customer Details

Customer Details bar contains essential information about the person you are chatting with. So you have all the data you need to provide excellent support, close at hand. You can find Customer Details on the right-hand side of the Agent App, both in the Chats and the Customers section. It is also a place where you can access apps like Hubspot, Salesforce or Knowledge Base (and many more).

Visitor Side Demonstration

When Visitor come to website and he wants to chat with support representative, he will normally fill out this screen where he will put his name, email & contact phone number. Finally visitor will clcik on start chat tab.

Agent Side Demonstartion

Agent will hear the sound about incoming chat request and he needs to go to "customer" section and click on "Go to Chat" as shown in above animation.


Agent Side Demonstartion

Types of widgets you can find in Customer Details:
- General info — shows name, e-mail address, location (an address and a map), time zone.
- App — displays data from marketplace apps and/or lets you perform quick actions. Learn more about apps in Customer Details widgets.
- Pre-chat survey — shows information provided in the pre-chat survey.
- Post-chat survey — displays information from the post-chat survey (this widget is visible only when the customer has ended the chat and submitted a post-chat survey).
- Tickets — shows links to all tickets assigned to a particular customer.
- Visited pages — provides names (and links) of pages visited during this session.
- Additional info — contains the number of times the customer visited your website, number of chats, and the date of the customer’s last visit.
- Technology —shows the customer’s IP address, OS/Device, and browser information.
- Integrations Data — provides data based on custom parameters.


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