Property Law in Turkey

The Property Law in Turkey allows any foreign investor to purchase a property in the country under certain conditions. The Land Registry Law has been improved in the late years, in order to offer proper conditions to all foreign investors who wish to buy properties in the country. If you are interested in purchasing a property, you can solicit guidance and information from our Turkish lawyers.

Rules and regulations for overseas investors

Companies which are not incorporated in Turkey are subject to a similar regime as for the Turkish companies when dealing with the purchase of a property, but certain requirements are mandatory:

  • A company incorporated under the rules and regulations in Turkey can obtain full ownership of a real property;
  • if foreign natural persons own 50% of company shares, they may acquire the ownership of a real property in Turkey;
  • a foreign investor can buy no more than 30 hectare of land, due to certain restrictions stipulated in the Property Law.

It is good to know that you cannot buy a property in a military restricted zone without the approval of the General Staff. Our lawyer in Turkey can offer you detailed information about how to buy a property in the country and can also offer you legal services for your company.

How to buy a property in Turkey

The Land Registry in Turkey is in charge with the approval of property purchase. The transfer or the sale of assets needs to be done with the help of a Turkish translator at the Land Office and particular documents are necessary to be prepared, such as:

  • - the tax number of the company;
  • - the certificate registration of the company;
  • - the notarized signature of the company representative.

The entire process needs to be done with the supervision of the Turkish lawyer, in order to properly acquire the assets. The Local Land Registry in Turkey will provide the certificate of ownership after the documents have been approved. A foreign investor who bought a property in Turkey has the right to resell it overseas if he wishes. Buying a property in Turkey doesn't come with the right of working and living in the country.

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