Help: Live Chat - Recognizing Page URL and Agent’s Account & send chat transcripts on their email addresses

In this help manual live chat agents learn how they can recognize the URLs visited by their visitor & how agent can identify via URL that which property belogns to which real-estate agent's account. At the end agent can also see how to send the chat transcript to that real-estate agent..!

Agent Side Demonstration

Agent needs to Go to customer tab and select the visitor that has been waiting for live chat assistance and click on "Start Chat". The tab will replace with "Go to chat". Click on that tab.

Agent Side Demonstration

When chat has begin with visitor, On right hand navigation area, under the details tab agent can found list of all "Visited Pages" by that visitor. The order of this list has been queued on rule of last in first out theory. It's mean that a page which has been viewed by visitor on very last it will list up here on very top position of this list.
Mouse-hover at any URL and agent can see the complete URL of that page. Agent can also open these URLs by directly clicking on them. The URL will open in new window.
By mouse-hovering on small icon on the beginning of every detail, agent can also view the visitor browsing time on each web page.


Web Visitor Side Demonstration

Let suppose if a visitor had open a property page at his end. Agent must have knowledge to understand the URL of any property page and they must have the updated information of all agent's signup accounts at so after that they can found details from that list and will be able to recognized the property agent and their contact details.
As shown in above example, "house" is the name of account that has been created on as a real-estate agent.

Agent Side Demonstartion

Now coming to agent chat window, where all the visited URL's has been listed up. If agent will mouse-hover very first URL of this list, rememberd this URL is very last viewed page by visitor. With the help of above animation, agents can observe very easily by looking to the URL exact after the domain name and between of 2 backslashes they can see the name of the agent's account "/Hous/" showing there. Now it confirms to the agent that this property URL belongs to a real estate agent that will have the account as "Hous" on Match this account name with the list of agent's account and get the contact details from that list.


Coming to the last section of this help manual that shows how agents can send their chat transcripts to the real estate agents according to their concerned property Page URL's.

After getting contact details of real estate agents by considering their own maintained record with the help of above explained procedure, they are now ready to send chat transcript to real estate agent. Click on the three dots in the top right to open the action menu and select Send transcript from the menu..


Agent Side Demonstration

Enter your real-estate agent e-mail address and click on send copy.


Real-Estate Agent Side Demonstration

An email will be arrived to recipient email address


Demonstration of chat transcript at email inbox

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