Help: How Agent Edit A Property

In this help tutorial you will learn how to edit your proeprty listing on website

Step - 01

logon to and "Sign in" with your agent account.

Step - 02

After sign in your on your dashboard click on top right corner on your username and select the option as "My Listing" from drop down menu.


Step - 03

On this page you will saw all your already added listings. Click on "Edit Listing" as shown in above image.


Step - 04

you will come to the same page as you saw before when your adding a listing to your account. Edit the details that you want to edit here.


Step - 05

click on "Edit Listing" to save the edits on server.


Step - 06

Finally you will get a system generated massage on your screen which tell you about sucesfully saving the edits on server.

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