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At Antalyabuy, we believe that you are the best seller of your home. After all, you know the feeling of home like no one else and convey those emotions during viewings. At the same time, we understand that it's exciting to sell your home yourself. You are in control of the sale, but your own property advisor Antalyabuy offers support. This way, you are not alone.

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Offer your home

Antalyabuy knows that good photos get a home sold faster. That's why we only accept good pictures for your FREE listing account. If you want to use our photo service, we always send a professional photographer to you. We distribute your ad through various real estate portals. This way you show your house to thousands of visitors per day. You set the asking price for your house and we will assist you with advice and support. With the photos and your self-written sales text, your house is ready for sale.

After logging into your account, you can enter all the details about your home and find useful tips on writing the sale text. If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help.
The Antalyabuy real estate agent looks at photos of your home and uses various systems to assess how your neighborhood and home are on the market. Together, you'll arrive at a good asking price.
Once you need your advisor, you can request a contact in your Homeowner account via whatsup call request. The advisor will then contact you via whatsup or by phone.
The photographer will contact you within 2 business days of purchasing the service to schedule an appointment. Usually the photographer will have visited you within a week.
On average, it takes 2 working days for your ad to go online. Once your ad is ready on, it will be released by the administrator after adding all the necessary information.

Be the one to show your house to the buyer!

When you sell your home yourself, you have the advantage of direct contact with buyers. Sometimes questions come up during the showing. You can answer these directly. You can receive viewing requests immediately through by email or phone. Schedule the appointments when it suits you and the prospective buyer, including weekends.

We believe you are the best seller of your home, and that's why you do the showing yourself. After all, you know the feeling of home like no one else and you convey those emotions when the buyer visits you.
You decide when to invite potential buyers to your home. This can be done on weekends. The visitors will probably ask you a number of questions. In your account you will find the most frequently asked questions and which documents can be useful during the visit.
At Antalyabuy you receive viewing requests directly by email or by phone. You can also receive viewing requests through marketing channels other than, such as social media and ads on other websites.
In your account you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. You can definitely expect people to be curious about why you want to sell the house, what you think of the neighborhood (and your neighbors), and why you do so well living here.
Once the visit is complete, the bidding can begin. Depending on what has been agreed, you will receive an offer directly by phone or by email. If you or the buyer order the legal advice service on the Antalyabuy website, your legal advisor will take over and advise you both on how to proceed. Buyers feel more confident completing the process with a legal advisor than directly with the seller .
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Start the negotiations

By setting your asking price, you also set your strategy and probably already have a final offer in mind. This will depend on your personal situation. Can you accept the offer or is it wise to wait a while longer? With a free account, you will have to do this yourself. Your Antalyabuy advisor will help you if you use one of our paid services.

Yes, Antalyabuy offers 3 times 30 minutes free translation service to all homeowners who order legal services. All you have to do is make an appointment and call the translator who will do the translation between you and the potential buyer.
See Legal Services for Homeowners
You do the negotiating. When you order legal services from Antalyabuy, you can get advice from your legal advisor. Together you will determine the right strategy and he will be your intermediary in contact with the interested party. . See Legal Services for Homeowners
If there are multiple interested parties, you can negotiate with all of them. You just may not talk to others about the offer. You can ask all bidders for a final offer and choose the best one.
Once the offer has been accepted, the agreements must be put in writing in a purchase agreement. See the free template purchase agreement to download from your account. If you use Antalyabuy's legal advice, your legal advisor can provide the client with a translation of the purchase agreement and take care of the other important points so that the sale can be completed well and quickly. See Legal Services for Homeowners

Good, legal sales process

You are almost at the end point of the sales process. You have already received an offer or even both parties have signed the agreement.  Did you know that 50% of sales are abandoned at this stage! Building trust on the part of the buyer can only be done through transparency and good legal advice for both parties. You or the buyer can use the services of the lawyer and he can build that trust through the international, market standards.

Once you have agreed on the price and terms with the buyer, the purchase agreement can, in principle, be signed. The buyer will ask a few questions, for which you will need to prepare yourself with the help of all relevant legal documents:
The TAPU (title deeds), which many buyers need to see before signing the contract or making a deposit.
Iskan (Habitability Permit).
Is the property free of a bank mortgage?
The buyer needs to make sure that all the paperwork presented has been checked for accuracy.
In most cases, you will need to help obtain a tax number and open a bank account for the buyer. The above general services are necessary to gain the buyer's confidence that there will be no problems with your property in these matters.
Another point is the payment procedure, which must be discussed with the buyer .'s legal services cover most of the important trust issues related to the selling process. You or the buyer can use this service for a quick and smooth conveyancing process. Then you can say that you have sold your property yourself.
See Legal Services for Homeowners
In most cases, the buyer and his advisor will ask for an expert report. The cost of the expert report is usually borne by the seller, and it can be used for multiple buyers. If you or the buyer use the Legela service from, the expert report is included in the package.
See Legal Services for Homeowners


You have now completed all the steps and the signatures are under the contract of sale. You have done it: you can now say that you have sold your house yourself. Congratulations!

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