Private Health Insurance

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance is the type of insurance that all foreigners who have residence permit in Turkey can have. As well as having is individually, it can be done any time as covering all family members.


The advantages of private health insurance in Turkey:

  1. If you need treatment as a result of any disease or accident, you can benefit from all kinds of healthcare services during the policy period of 1 year for a price which is much lower than the costs to be paid to private medical institutions.
  2. If you are sick, you can cover the high prices in relation to the treatments you would receive in private medical institutions that you cannot afford.
  3. You can choose any doctor or medical institution you like.
  4. You can benefit from private medical institutions in the comfort of a hotel, you can receive the best quality service and you feel yourself privileged.
  5. In case of an accident or disease, you can cover the expenses of inpatient or outpatient diagnosis and treatments both within the country or anywhere in the world depending on the product you purchased.
  6. You can pay all expenses in case of an accident or disease abroad according to your policy coverage depending on the product you purchased.

There is no time limitation for having private health insurance. You can have your insurance whenever you think you need it without delay. Health insurance that you have before having any disease will both place less burden on your budget and cover you all needs in case of any disease.

In case of any change in your health or family status, you can change the scope of your insurance and add additional coverages anytime. For example, you can add related coverages to the content of your insurance for pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Having private health insurance especially by women before deciding to have a baby will enable them to benefit from private health insurance for examination and birth related expenses.

Health insurance is an insurance type which requires in-depth expertise. Your medical examinations should be done, the diseases or risks that you may be exposed to should be addressed by expert insurance agents and the most appropriate coverages and policy amount should be determined for you and your family.

To have a health insurance and benefit from healthcare services in a quality manner in Turkey, you can have your private health insurance from an insurance company that you trust without hesitation. You should not forget that your health may deteriorate as a result of an accident or disease in the future and you should have your private health insurance as soon as possible.


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