Help: Live Chat - Agent Signup

Step - 01

Owner / Administrator needs to login with his live-chat account. After login they can see a tab "Agents" on left tools panel, click on this tab.

Step - 02

You will see a tab "+Add" on top right corner, click on it.


Step - 03

A popo-up window will appear in front of your screen. Enter the email address then change the ROLE as "Agent" from drop down menu. If you want to assign any specific group to this new agent, assign as shown in above image. Finally click on "Invite".


Step - 04

A confirmation massage will generate on your screen which informs you that an invitation email has been sent to the register email address of this agent. Click on Done.


Invitation Email Demonstration

An email has been received to the email inbox. Click on this email.


Invitation Email Demonstration

CLick on the link: Join The Team


Step - 05

A new page will open where you have to set the password of your account.


Step - 06

Welcome to your agent account. This is your agent account deshboard. We strongly ecommend you to book mark this page or save the URL of this page & password of you account at some place for future login confirmations.


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